Friday, September 18, 2009

23 dead for a job

"I'm going to become the 23rd staff member to commit suicide," 32-year-old Stephanie wrote in an e-mail sent to her father just moments before she flung herself out of her fourth storey office window. ( 18/09/09)

I've read the comments to this story and a lot of people keep asking the same ill informed question - why didn't she quit?
Where are these people living? How on Earth they cannot understand that there is a recession, that after 30 you are considered too old to get a new job, that in spite of all that, you are expected to work until you are 70 and pay your bills and that society as a whole does not want to know?
What options do you have?
Then there are those who say - it is depression - you need to seek help. Sounds great, as they are not specialists in the field, they can wash their hands.
It is not that simple! That poor lady was on anti depressants for the last five years.
Not to mention that I don't believe any of the people who suggest contacting someone like beyondblue have ever done it.
Try it, before you talk - the most depressing experience in my life.
It's time to listen, people and act - help the people in need, don't just point the finger at them.

Rest in peace, Stephanie and the other 22, my sincere condolences to your families.

On other news:
"A DEPRESSIVE illness is forcing senior Coalition frontbencher Andrew Robb to take three months leave.
A call to beyondblue chairman Jeff Kennett six weeks ago led to Mr Robb visiting a psychiatrist who diagnosed the condition. Treatment has proved more gruelling than he expected. Drugs are sending him into deeper depression before any benefits emerge - prompting the decision to move to the back bench."
( - 19/09/09)
Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Position cancelled

Thank you for your application for the position of R&D Manager with the ABCD brand within XYZ Australia. Unfortunately this position has been cancelled. We thank you for your interest in XYZ Australia and invite you to re apply should this position be re-advertised.

This is Fred in his Tamagochi enclosure.
After busting his butt off helping Australian companies move their manufacturing offshore (very successfully, I might add), Fred is now relying on public kindness to be fed.
It is the condition faced by many Australian ex workers and Artists who have to apply for grants and public support to survive.
A sad state of affairs, indeed.