Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Twelfth Annual South Australian Premier's Food Awards 2009

Cherchez la femme - Stefan Maguran 2009

Received in the mail the other day:
"Everyone is invited to 'celebrate the magic' on Friday 6 November 2009 as the Adelaide Convention Centre shines brightly in recognition of our amazing finalists and for the announcement of the winners of The Twelfth Annual South Australian Premier's Food Awards.
With more networking opportunities available than ever before, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet the 'magicians' who make up this State's amazing food industry.
All guests attending will be eligible to win a deluxe Hilton Adelaide accommodation for two.
Like last year's event, the Awards presentation gala dinner will be carbon neutral, taking into account environmental practices to save energy."

My heart pounded. I said to myself - this is a great opportunity and I should make sure to clean my black tie.
Then I saw the price: $150.
Well, that price sheds a different light on the word "everyone". Called my bank who was happy to talk about my mortgage repayments schedule, then tucked my black tie away for another time.
And then today I hear about the Premier being attacked at a function at the Wine Centre.
It is a very sad state of affairs when violence shows its ugly head. I hear the Premier is bruised and I wish him a speedy recovery.